Strangest Jobs in History

  • de-dagger: One who removes balls (dags) of dried shit from the fleece around the arseholes of sheep. A specialised agricultural discipline, the leading exponents in which hail mainly from Australia and New Zealand (where men are men and sheep are nervous).

  • gallstone trader: A certified practitioner usually with accreditation permitting buy and/or sell activities on gallstone trading floors under the aegis of the Global Body Parts Exchange (GLOBOPARTEX).

  • butcher's dwarf: Once a lucrative and respected profession, nowadays practised only in remote parts of Kazakhstan. Required skills include removal of bloodstained sawdust.

  • chicken whisperer: See "Ludwig, Brunhilde, Osbert and Depravity--a history of the von Cuckenhagen clan".

  • map colourer: See "Jobs, jibes and jube-jubes: Encyclopaedia of mental illness, chapter 73, mathematical madness, section iii, map colouring".

Strangest Jobs in History is based on data obtained via face to face interviews. Thanks to everyone who generously gave of their time and knowledge to help make Strangest Jobs a reality.

© Copyright S R Schwarz 2007. All rights reserved.

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