potty training for veggies

Mrs Codswallop took her broccoli for a walk most days, including holy days. At the Park she got talking to Jimbette McPhee, who told her that only the day before her carrots had weed all over the entrance hall carpet. Which had been most unfortunate.

"Oh I know, I know," replied Mrs Codswallop, sensing an opportunity to score a point against lah-di-dah Jimbette, "but this little one here," pointing to the broccoli panting on the end of a fluoro-pink leash, "I'm so proud of her. Every morning, without fail, does her little doings in the corner of the kitchen by the fridge."

"I'm making minestrone tonight," replied Jimbette, by way of nothing in particular.

Copyright © S R Schwarz 2007. All rights reserved.

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