malicious damage

At 03:45 hours plain-clothed Officers from the Asset Protection Taskforce patrolling Run 5990 observed two male juveniles applying graffiti to the vestibule interior of Carriage 858. Officers detained the offenders and de-trained at South Dowling Station requesting police attendance. Police attended and cautioned the offenders about Malicious Damage. Police cautioned the older juvenile about Draw/Write/Affix Character on Crown Property.

The younger juvenile alleged he was a runaway and he was not going home with his parents. His parents arrived a short time later. The juvenile was released into the custody of his parents.

Police advised that both offenders due to their age would not be issued with an infringement but would be issued an official caution due to their age.

Whilst so doing, the younger juvenile ran from the scene and egressed through an unlocked security gate onto the track. The driver of the late-running 8:15 applied the emergency brake but regrettably was unable to come to a halt sufficiently quickly. The fatality was recorded in the Incident Ledger according to the approved procedure. The parents of the younger juvenile were assisted by Officers and Police.

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