the secrets of Pappiloma

Held within the human heart or mind, are dark secrets, darker secrets and the darkest secrets of all--those relating to shame and guilt. No more or less shameworthy than those held within the heart of Pappiloma, a Senior Scribe in the Royal Department of Information of the Royal Bureau of Administrivia of the Realm of the Right Royal Regime of King Roger the 14th, the reigning ruler of Rogerland---a not entirely mythical country somewhere between Vladivostok and Tierra del Fuego.

Pappiloma was not a happy scribe. Approaching his 666th birth[time-unit] he found himself in the throes of a crisis of meaning and purpose---a long dark night of the soul, if you will… (to be continued)

© Copyright S R Schwarz 2007. All rights reserved.

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