what goes around

Once around a time, lived (?) a little girl called Maria Innerear. The problem with Maria was she was unbalanced. Her proprioperceptive sense had been permanently degraded by a virulent post-natal inner ear infection that a drunken obstetrician had failed to notice, let alone treat. As a result, Maria could only walk in circles, clockwise. Walking Widdershins made her throw up.

Maria lived in a revolving house with her mother and her father and a little yellow doggie called Tim, who had lost two legs (on the same side) in a nasty car accident. But Tim was a determined little doggie, and after many months of pain and struggle and disappointment, had learned to walk on two legs (on the same side). Of course, the problem was how to avoid toppling over onto the side with no legs, and so Tim could only walk (hop really) in circles, which made him an excellent pet for Maria.

The family had very little money, and it was often a struggle to pay the monthly rent on the revolving house. The Landlord was an evil clutching bastard who found it terribly amusing to call Maria's Dad, Mr InArrears, because the family was always falling behind on the rent.

The years went by. First, Maria's beloved doggie Tim died. Then her mother died. Then her father died. At age 23, she was all alone in the world. She had no money, no job, no prospects, nowhere to go, nowhere to live. To cut a long and rather offputting story short, the evil grasping landlord allowed her to continue living in the revolving house, rent-free, in exchange for sex on demand for him and his mates. They would all come over to the revolving house, the evil groping landlord and his mates, and they would have their evil way with poor Maria. They would do it this way, and that way, and every degrading demeaning way they could. But most of all their preference was for sodomy. Which explains the horrible nickname the evil clasping landlord took to calling her by: Miss InHerRear.

After a number of years of this treatment, Maria got sick and died. The house stopped revolving. The evil grabbing landlord lost all his money and properties. But still this story could not find an ending. It just continued going around and around and around. Until it put even the author to sleep. Good night.

© Copyright S R Schwarz 2007. All rights reserved.

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