Passover: Combat Simulation User Guide

Select your Avatar (one only): Moses, Pharaoh, Aaron, Brutal Overseer, Hebrews, Egyptians, Magus, Angel of Death, Courtiers, Army of Egyptian Chariots, First Born Children, Guilt of Jewish Mothers, Plague of Locusts.

Battle 1: Moses vs Pharaoh

Battle 2: Angel of Death vs First Born Children

Battle 1:

Moses treads warily around the outer perimeter. He wears a torn and dirty desert robe, and a sweaty headband. Close-range weapon: snakestaff. Special moves: Stone Tablet Hurler.

Pharoah stands arrogantly in the centre of the arena, adopting the Pose of Anubis. He wears a blood-stained battle-skirt and war-sandals. Close-range weapons: Flail of Osiris, Sceptre of Ra. Special moves: heart-hardening.

Battle 2:

Angel of Death floats eerily through the air above the stadium. Ze wears the White Robes of Wrath. Close-range weapon: Icy Finger of Doom. Distance weapon: Curse Hurler. Special moves: five point palm exploding heart technique.

First Born Children scamper naughtily around the outer perimeter. They wear shit-stained diapers, woollen booties and fleecy hoodies. Close-range weapons: Wails of Annoyance. Special moves: thumb-sucking, snot-eating, bed-wetting.

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