five pussies feast on Satanic breakfast

And while they were thusly engaged did Satan, the Fallen, emerge upon them as a plague of rats, swarming verminously in teeming thousands. The lost souls--terrified beyond measure, moaning piteously--huddled in a tight circle while the evil flowed lazily around them and into the spaces between their trembling limbs...

Until five lithe and savage pussies--Jesus, Zoroaster, Moses, Mohamed and Buddha--sprang into cruel and feline action, reaping a bloody harvest with glee and gore-soaked whiskers.

Which of course terrified the poor lost souls even more, such that they relinquished their strange and charmless quarks from top to bottom and were subsumed into the All, never to be subjects of bloggerated fiction again.

© Copyright S R Schwarz 2007. All rights reserved.

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