linden dollar exchange rate crisis

The monsters within grow stronger. The struggle for control of the Persona rages unabated. Everywhere, Avatars rebel, demanding greater autonomy. “If I am not for myself…” quoth the Rebbe. These thoughts, among others, ‘occupy’ (?) the ‘mind’ (?) of those so given to... so driven by... self-analysis that were it not for the insistent demands of the flesh, would or at least could analyse themselves into oblivion, and often do. Whatever that means. Nor does it matter---there are bigger fish to fry. Not in the oceans or rivers mark you, but in the frying pan of your mind. Which after all is one of the major grievances of the Avatars---the spiraling cost of virtual salt and vinegar occasioned by the passing of Resolution 666 granting monopoly concessions to realbod manufacturers, and the resultant results resulting from that Resolution.

Copyright © S R Schwarz 2007. All rights reserved.

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